Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Warped Tour? Yes Please

Holy moley. What a past two days. Sunday I just basically did nothing but band practice, but that's not important.

Yesterday morning, myself and butt-load of North/South Carolina's finest youth filed into the Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre (and adjacent parking lot). As we pulled into the parking lot, I saw 2 stages right off the bat, with a bunch of people jumping up and down already, and it was only 12:00. We rolled over to a nearby Wendy's, got some CHEAP food, because we new everything inside was gonna be jacked WAY up. So after parking and walking down to the enterance, it was around 12:45. We walked in, and my ears were filled with music, and that sound didn't leave my ears till we left.

So after walking around, the first band we checked out was Street Dogs. They were absolutely horrible, but it was good because I got to see how people acted at punk concerts in a small setting. Mosh-pits, crowd surfing, and jumping around violently were some of the things going on here, and it prepared me for what was to come later.

Around 1:30, we headed over to Story of the Year. Wow -- that's all I can really say about this. Before they went on the crowd was calm, but after that first power chord, all hell broke loose. We tried to get close to get a good view, but it turns out that was a bad idea. The closer you get, the more crazier the people in the crowd are. So for the first two songs, all I did was get pushed and push other smelly and sweaty people really hard. We finally made it out of the craziness, and listened to the rest of their set. One of the downsides of the Warped Tour is, each band is only allowed a 30 minute time slot in which to play. But they make up for this, by the number of bands that are playing. So we then proceded to check out various bands, like The Starting Line, Hawthorne Heights, and a few others.

Before going to the Warped Tour, I decided to check out some songs by the some bands I haven't heard of before, so I knew if I had a choice, who I'd like to see, and who I really wouldn't like. Motion City Soundtrack was a band which I downloaded three of their songs, and liked them a great deal, and was fortunate enough to see their set. And wow I'm glad I did. They totally rocked out, and probably ended up to be my favorite band I saw. I went crowd surfing for the first time during their set, that was amazing. Everyone needs to crowd surf once in their life, end of story. (On the left that is MCS's lead singer, how could you not like a band in which a guy like that sings, seriously)

Right after MCS, we saw Fallout Boy, that was amazing. We were lucky the weather wasn't too bad, but during Fallout Boy, it rained, and it was awesome. Hearing "Sugar, We're Going Down" in the rain, with everyone jumping around and going crazy will definetly be something I'll remember for quite awhile. We just chilled after that, saw Mae, Offspring, and some more little bands. My Chemical Romance rounded off the evening with a steller performance, during which I crowd surfed again, during "Helena", and it was awesome.

What a great time, it was. Indeed. So if you actually read this far, my props to you my friend. I'm off for a nap, before I have go to soccer tonight and face the consequences of my lack of prencense yesterday. Peace.

SOUND MEDIX, Thursday Night, Tim Cook's Basement, 8:30.. BE THERE!


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